HEMP CAN SAVE THE WORLD. Featuring LUMINARIES, Clayton Joseph Scott, & Aishah .

Solution Series is intended to mix music, information, and education to bring awareness to globally significant issues and their solutions. This video was sponsored by Nutiva and This video was made to show all the benefits of HEMP and how it could help our land, our economy, and our human family.
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“Free Energy” is the first release of ELEVATE Solution Series, featuring the Luminaries. The series is intended to bring awareness to globally significant issues and solutions.

Free Energy was the first release in Elevate’s Solution Series, which earned an EMA (Environmental Media Award) nod. The series was created to use the power of urban music to bring awareness to offer innovative solutions to globally significant issues. See more Info:
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Be The Change - Luminaries ft. Trevor Hall From the forthcoming album. Directed by Mikki Willis & Ryan Reeves

Download this song FREE at: www.LuminariesMusic.com + Luminaries NEW Album ONE is available on our websites...

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